Megan Turbeville

Megan Turbeville is the Executive Chef of the Root Cellar Enterprises and Owner of the Root Cellar Catering Co. and The Coffee Bar. The Root Cellar has been the hidden gem of SMTX for 14 years, and Megan has been apart of the journey since the beginning. Growing up a military brat, she has lived globally and loves getting people to eat (and love) things they wouldn’t normally try. But don’t try to sell her on broccoli. When she’s not in the kitchen, you can find her in the garden, growing flowers and herbs...preferably with a glass of wine or a cocktail in hand. She might secretly be an 80 year old English woman in disguise.

Vanessa Vass

Vanessa Vass has been in the event industry for over 8 years and loves making event dreams come true. She has been the Catering Sales Director at Root Cellar Catering Co. since April 2016 and has enjoyed every minute of it. As a Texas State University Alumni, Root Cellar Cafe was always on the calendar for every Sunday Morning Brunch and when they asked her to join the team it was the easiest decision she ever made. She is a part of event organizations such as ILEA, NACE, and The Rising Tide Society. Lastly, she is a huge nerd and routinely plays dungeons and dragons as well as video games in her spare time.

The Coffee Bar

Part of the Root Cellar family, we’re serving hot coffee, cold beer, and live music on the Square. A great place to wind up with coffee or “wine” down with a glass of merlot. Don’t forget to grab one of our in-house baked pastries and do some serious people watching in the heart of downtown San Marcos!

We are Proud

The Root Cellar family is a proud supporter of the LGBTQ community. We are an all inclusive company that believes that EVERYONE deserves to have the wedding of their dreams. Love is love ya’ll.

Root Cellar Cafe

The Root Cellar Café is where it all started. It sits on the bottom floor of the historic Donaldson building, on the corner of Fort St. (now Hopkins) and Austin St. (now LBJ). This building has known many faces. originally it was “G.W. Donaldson & Co. Hardware Store” and later “Bond’s Café and Restaurant” in the 1930’s. It has housed several businesses, some of the most notable being the original location for the Paper Bear and Wesray’s Café. We opened our doors in February 2005, and we’re very proud to be a continuing part of the rich history of this sacred place, now known as San Marcos, Texas.

Rhea's Ice Cream

Rhea’s Ice Cream is part of our growing root cellar family! handcrafted, local, and downright delicious, all of Rhea’s small batch ice cream is made right here in the heart of the hill country. Visit locations in San Marcos, Gruene, and new braunfels.

The River

Our beautiful mermaid mural lives on the wall behind root cellar bakery. it reminds us that the river is the heart of San Marcos. We are conscientious of the footprint we make, and strive to use sustainable goods whenever possible. Why the mermaid? The mermaid has become the mascot of San Marcos. She promotes stewardship and conservation. We are proud sponsors of the Mermaid Society!

Feeding the Community

We believe that strong community ties are what bind us together. When your neighbor falls, you lend a hand and help them up. Our work with the Hays County Food Bank through our “Desserts for a Difference” initiative has raised over $4,000 yearly for the food bank.

The annual Foodstock celebration is the creation of our owner, Kyle Mylius, who wanted to combine his passion for music and his compassion for those in need. This all day event hosts local musicians, artists, and vendors, with proceeds going to help feed the most vulnerableof our community.